Loksewa Aayog (PSC) announced vacancy for Kharidar 2077/78

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-Loksewa Aayog Nepal (PSC- Public Service Commission) announced vacancy for large number of Kharidar. Loksewa Aayog published notice for the position of  Non-Gazetted Second Class (Kharidar) Non-Technical sectors | अप्राविधिक राजपत्र अनंकित द्वित्तियो श्रेणी खरिदार. 

Position: Non-Gazetted Second Class (Kharidar)

Number of Position: See in the photo given below

Application fee: Rs. 300/- and extra Rs. 150 for per additional group and inclusive category.

Deadline: Chaitra 17, 2077

With late fee deadline: Chaitra 24, 2077

Full notice


For internal competition, open and inclusive:
(A) The Judicial Service, the Justice and Government Advocates Group and the Administration Service, the General Administration Group and the General Administration Group of the Federal Parliament Service
For: – Passed SLC or equivalent from a recognized educational institution.
(B) For Administrative Service, Accounting Group: Or something like that Passed
(C) For Audit Services: – SLC in Mathematics or Accounting subject from a recognized educational institution. Or passed like that.
Note: After the grading system is implemented, S.L.C. Or similarly in the case of candidates who have passed the examination with a grade point average or above
The recipient will be considered to have completed the minimum qualification.

Special information for internal competition

(A) In the posts to be filled by the internal competitive examination, the employees working in the Non Gazetted Third Class and unclassified posts may be potential candidates.
(B) The minimum educational qualification required for the post of Non Gazetted Second Class and the minimum service period (three years) as per sub-section (6) of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049 BS should be completed.
(However, women, Adibasi / Janajati, Madhesi, Dalit, disabled and civil servants residing permanently in the backward areas will be potential candidates for promotion even if the service period is less than one year)
(C) The concerned employees working in the service as per sub-section 14A of section 7 of the Civil Service Act, 2049 BS, Federal Parliament Secretariat Act, 2064 BS and having reached the required minimum service period and educational qualification shall get candidates
(D) In ​​accordance with Rule 77 of the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Staff Administration Rules, 2065, only employees working under one category of the Federal Parliament Service may be candidates for the posts on behalf of the Federal Parliament Service.
(E) Must not be disqualified to be a candidate as per Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049 BS.
(F) The calculation of the previous service period shall be in accordance with Rule 123 of the Civil Service Rules, 2050. For that, the service period should be certified.
(G) In case of educational qualification to be determined equivalent, a certified copy of equivalent determination must be submitted.
(H) When filling the online application form, it is mandatory to mention the details related to your service.

Information for open and inclusive examination
G. Must be not disqualified as per Section 10 of the Civil Service Act, 2049 BS.
In order to pass the first stage examination, one has to get 40 (forty) percent marks of the first stage integer. The result of the written test will be published on the basis of the total marks obtained in the second phase of the examination.
D) The open and inclusive written examination of the second phase will be held on the same date and time.
(There is no need to take separate exams for each service group and open and inclusive group.)
When publishing the results of the candidates selected from the open and inclusive written examination, all the services on the basis of alphabetical, group-wise.
Will be published.
G) Priority order of services, groups and offices before the candidates selected from the written test join the computer skills test and interview.
Must be filled. Candidates who do not fill the priority list of service, group and office will not be allowed to participate in the interview.
K) Candidates selected from the written examination for the inclusive group will not be allowed to choose the order of priority of the inclusive group. Candidate in the application form
Based on the mentioned inclusive groups, the inclusive group of candidates will be maintained as per the prevailing arrangement of the Commission.
L) Candidates selected for open and inclusive and more than one inclusive group for computer skills test and interview through written test on behalf of open and inclusive group will be scheduled to participate in computer skill test and interview only once. The score of skill test and interview will be calculated in all the groups (open and inclusive) that the candidate has passed.
E. Recommendations will be made for appointment according to the qualification order obtained after the examination of all the stages and the service, group and office of choice of the candidate.

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