131 Languages spoken in Nepal 2078

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A study has shown that the number of languages ​​in the country has increased. A study by the Language Commission has identified eight more languages ​​in Nepal. The added languages ​​are Rana Tharu, Nar Phu, Chum (Syar), Poike, Serake (Seke), Marek-Yakkha, Nawa Sherpa.

According to the census 2068 of Nepal, there are 123 languages ​​in the country. Now, there are 131 languages reached, that’s spoken in Nepal.

The Language Commission said in its annual report for the fiscal year 2076/77 submitted to the President’s Office that Information has been received about some additional languages ​​spoken in Nepal.

These languages ​​need to be studied in detail and even verified by the 2078 census. Currently, the newly added languages ​​are Marek (Yakkha) and Nawa Sherpa.

The report submitted by the Language Commission to President Vidyadevi Bhandari said, “Studies by the Language Commission, Tribhuvan University, Adivasi Janajati Utthan Rashtriya Pratisthan and researchers have shown that some more languages ​​exist.” These languages ​​need to be studied in detail and even verified by the 2078 census. ‘

The commission said that according to the language census data, the details of caste and language speakers have been sent to all 753 local levels. The report says that however, linguists are raising questions about linguistic data from language speakers and stakeholders.

To address this, there is a need to verify the linguistic data that is immediately available, as well as to conduct a separate survey of Nepal’s languages.”

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With the implementation of federalism, a commission has been formed in accordance with Article 287 of the Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS to recommend for the protection, promotion of languages ​​spoken in the country and to determine more than one language as official language at the federal, state and local levels. With the formation of the commission, the government has not appointed any member to represent the provinces except the chairperson and one member. This is the fourth year report of the commission. The term of the commission is now only one and a half years.

Currently, the Chairman of the Language Commission, Dr. Lovedev is Awasthi.

The chairman of the commission, Dr. Awasthi said that it was unconstitutional to use language unknown to the constitution. He has objected to English being given priority wherever he goes. He said that the government’s view on this should be clear.

Article 7 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal states that “Nepali written in Devanagari script shall be the official language of Nepal.”  It will be possible, ‘it is mentioned.

The Language Commission has objected to the suggestion of every government body to use the Nepali language and Devanagari script in public places and means of transportation but has not implemented it.

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It has been mentioned in the report that the Nepali language has been neglected through archiving, registration, communication, correspondence, presentation, expression, publicity, study, teaching, and examination of the Public Service Commission.

The report states, “The use of the Nepali language written in the Devanagari script and the use of the official language of the state as determined by the state does not appear to be in line with the provisions of the constitution.

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