The seven-day task for learning/speaking English Language

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There are some simple tricks and tips for making impressive your English speaking using five important steps. You understand the English language and know word meaning, as well verbs, tense, but you can speak the fluently English language.

Therefore these simple tips and techniques make help your English learning | English speak journey.

You should practice a minimum of seven. It should be completed given every day’s task honestly.

First Step

Let’s start with first-step techniques. In this step, you need to determine some important questions, phrases, and sentences related daily like for public conversation.

Some sentence and questions;

  1. Tell about yourself
  2. Tells about your family
  3. What is the most memorable event or movement of your life?
  4. What kind of person you were during childhood?
  5. What would you show a guest in your hometown?
  6. Describe your job. / Describe your daily routine.
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. If you are to start a business, what would that be?
  9. What do you do to stay fit?
  10. What is your routine on Saturday or Sunday holiday?
  11. Are machines making us lazy?
  12. If I were unseen for a day, what would I do?
  13. If you became the prime minister of your country what would you change?

Second step

Every daily you should two sentences take and answer them, not only answer them but also explain details as you can.

Third step

After taking answer,

Two-time repeat

Speak without seeing the copy

It should not exactly word by word but it should be taken main aspect and core understanding those answers. It should too much far from your answer.

You need to restudy

Fourth step

In this step, you should talk with a real person, who has known the English language better than your

Who is listen to your answer rather than he/she also make correct you and give his/her opinion in the given question?

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