Family members terminology

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Family is the primary unit of the society. If you are learning the Nepali or English language or f you are searching about; 

What is Nepali name of family members?

What is in Nepali of sister in law?

What is Nepali of grand father?

Likewise, such questions. 

In Nepali culture, family relations are often denoted using specific terms. Here are the Nepali family relations translated into English. So this article helps you to understand the name and terms of family members. 

परिवार (Parivaar) – Family

बुवा, बाबा, बा, पिता (Buva, Baba, Baa, Pita) – Father, Dead

आमा, मा, माता,  (Aama, Maa, Mata) – Mother, Mom

दाजु, दाइ (Daaju, Dai) – Elder Brother

दिदि (Didi) – Elder Sister

भाइ (Bhaai) – Younger Brother

बहिनी (Bahini) – Younger Sister

छोरा (Chhoro)- Son

छोरी (chhori)- Daughter

बुबा (Bubaa) – Grandfather (Paternal)

फुफा (Phuphaa) – Father’s Sister’s Husband (Uncle)

काका (Kaakaa) – Uncle

काकी (Kaaki) – Aunt

मामा (Maama) – Maternal Uncle

मामी (Maami) – Maternal Aunt

भाउजु (Bhaauju) – Elder Brother’s Wife

भाउजी (Bhaauji) – Younger Brother’s Wife

साला (Saala) – Brother-in-law (Husband of Sister)

साली (Saali) – Sister-in-law (Wife of Brother)

नाति (Naati) – Nephew

नातिनी (Naatini) – Niece

नाती (Nati)- Grand son

नातिनी (Natini)- Grand daughter

नाना (Naanaa) – Maternal Grandfather

नानी (Naanii) – Maternal Grandmother

दादा (Daadaa) – Paternal Grandfather

दादी (Daadii) – Paternal Grandmother

Father in law- ससुरा बुवा (Sasura buva)

Mother in law- सासु आमा (Sasu Aama)

These are some of the basic family relation terms in Nepali and their English translations. Keep in mind that there might be regional variations and additional terms depending on specific family structures and cultural contexts.

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