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Are you wishing learn Nepali Language easily, this is good platform for you.

I the first step in learning of Nepali language, speaking, start with a few basic and general phrases and sentences of greeting and civilizes that are spoken between Nepalese people.

The common Nepali greeting is “Namaste.” This is pronounced “na-ma-stay” Conveniently also you can say “Namaste”.

There are some basic phrases and sentence English to Nepali terms as follows;

Hello, Hi, Goodbye Namaste or Namaskar
Good Morning, Shubhaprabhat
Good Evening Shubhasandhya
Good Night Shubharatri
Thank you Dhanyabaad
How are you? Tapai laai kasto chha ? or

Tapai sanchai hunuhunchha ?

What is your name? Tapaain ko naam ke ho?
My name is ‘Sadhana Kumari’. Mero naam ‘Sadhana Kumari’ ho.
How are you? Tapaain laaee kasto chha?
Where do you live ? Tapai kaha basnu hunchha ?
I live in Kathmandu. Ma Kathmandu ma baschhu.
Can you speak English? Ke tapain angrejee bolna saknuhunchha?
Yes, I can speak English. Ho, ma Angrejee bona sakchhu.
I can speak a little Nepali. Ma ali ali Nepali bolchhu.
Please speak more slowly. Bistaarai bolnuhos.
I hope we meet again. Pheri bhetaunlaa.
Please say it again Kripaya, feri bhannuhos.
Excuse me, sorry maaph garnuhos
Where are you going? Tapain Kahaan jaandai hunuhunchha?
I am going to to ‘Thamel’‘, I want to exchange Nepali money. Ma Thamel jadaichhu, Ma paisaa saatna chaahanchhu.
May I take a photo? Ke ma tapaiko photo khichna sakchhu?
Could you take my photo? Mero tasbeer khichna saknu hunchha?
Ok, bye bye Namaste.

Address older men and older women respectfully say as “dai” for men and “didi,” for women.

If someone tell “Good morning”, “Good evening” and “Good night” you can simply say “Namaste” instead “Subha prabhat”, “Subha sandhya” and “Shubharatri”.

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