15 two words English sentences for your child | common English word for daily life

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Non native peoples are feeling difficult for learning English language. They think that it is not easy to learn, speak and talking English. But, when your started talking small word and sentence with your children, then your children are not feel difficult to learn.

This article is guide your speak simple sentence in English for your children and helpful for yourself to improve your English vocabulary.

You can find your answer for question such as

What is a sentence for child?,

What words do we use everyday?

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How many English words are used in everyday English?

Daily uses 15 most common words in English for child

You can these given two words sentence everyday to your children, these 15 English word helpful learn English and familiar English for daily practice. These English phrases may be used daily life.

  1. Come here

If baby going to any where you can simply tell him/her come here …… with name or nick name or baby.

  1. Don’t touch

Your Baby wants to touch everything in early age, something may be non teachable or dirty or danger, so you easily instruct them.

  1. through it

Baby wants to eat everything between 5 months to 2 years. You can tell him/her through it.


  1. Open your mouth
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Wash your feet
  4. Wash your face
  5. Finish your food
  6. Let’s take sleep
  7. Let’s take a bath
  8. Let’s play
  9. Shake your hand
  10. Go away
  11. Stay away
  12. Where are you?

Baby are kidding, he/she


If you are started talking your small children with these simple word, baby became familiar to English and do not feel too much difficult to speak English in future. So these techniques are helpful for practical knowledge for your children.

  • You can use these sentences with rhyme, for example

For go away phase: “Rain rain go away”

Repeatedly use this phrase, and encourage to speak your child too.

  • Talk with Action

You need to every day there English sentence with action, orally talk, action with body language, gestures etc.

  • Repeatedly use

If you are using repeatedly the similar word or sentence, your baby catch quickly these English words.

  • Mix with local language or mother longue

You can use these English word mix with your mother longue, if you are using with mother language your child understand rapidly. For example;

Mix with Nepali language; Aryansh, don’t touch “fohor pani”.

  • Instruct your child with polite way and with love

You need to talk with polite way and lovely style, which can help for memorizing the English sentence your child.

  • You can talk with your baby name;

Come here, Aryansh

Aryansh, baby don’t touch dirty water.

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