Simple trick and tips for improving English Speaking

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Almost people struggle to learn and speak English language; they don’t know actual techniques and tricks. You have same problem, if yes, this article is became helpful for you.

In this article we are going to learn how start the conversations with full confident and simple way? These are impressive way for talking in English language.

Someone ask you;

  1. What is your name?

Some people confuse what exactly, I should answer, and they don’t reply quickly.

You should tell him/her full name and surname, and also nick name.

You can reply like;

My name is Aryansh Rao, You can call me ‘Aryansh’, or

My name is Aryansh Rao, every one call me ‘Aryansh’, or

My name is Aryansh Rao, please call me ‘Aryansh’.

  1. Where are you from?

You can simply say: ‘I am from Kathmandu.’

It may not pretty impressive, so you can say, such as;

‘I hail from Kathmandu.’ or

‘I belong to Kathmandu.’ or

Another way to tell you answers;

‘My home town is Kathmandu.’

If you’re in different country, outside of your country, you can say;

‘I am Nepali’ or ‘I am from Nepal.’

  1. What are your hobbies?

You may say that, my hobbies are ……….

Above sentence is very old and traditional, so you need to follow new sentence and attractive words for example;

Start from ‘I like/enjoy/love’

‘I like cricket’, ‘ I like play’, ‘I like reading’, ‘I like travelling’ etc.

Similarly, ‘I enjoy cricket’, ‘ I enjoy play’, ‘I enjoy reading’, ‘I enjoy travelling’ etc.

Likewise, ‘I love cricket’, ‘ I love play’, ‘I love reading’, ‘I love travelling’ etc. or

Another idea replies for this question; you need to change the pattern of answering for good conversation; you can say;

‘I have passion for reading.’

‘I have passion for music.’

‘I have passion for chatting with friends.’

‘I have passion for ………………………………..’


  1. What do you do for living?

I am teacher



I work as

If you are student

I am pursuing

  1. How many members in your?

You can simple say, that;

‘There are four members in my family.’

If you have no brother/sisters, you can say;

‘I have no siblings.’

If you are following these different techniques and tricks in your conversation, it may be impressive and confident way for the talking and speaking English.

  1. Home work for you,

You speak with given sentence and practice many times. And you can send me sort voice recording in my Facebook page inbox.

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